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Iris' LJ

Adults only please!

External Services:
  • margot_iris@livejournal.com
  • margot_iris @ livejournal.com / iris @ faramirfiction.com
  • margot.iris @ gmail.com / iris @ faramirfiction.com

NB: Since the introduction of the Adult content options, I no longer list a date of birth publicly (LJ knows how old I am and will protect me from anything inappropriate for my age ;)).
I am well over 18, so if your journal includes adult content, please label it as such and trust I'll find my way to it while keeping the kids out. And if you're interested in my birthday, just send me an email.

This journal consists mainly of announcements regarding (often adult) slash fiction, while the actual stories are usually posted elsewhere. Sparse personal posts are friends-locked.
Adults only please.

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